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Nutritionists are professionals with expertise in the science of food and nutrition, and provide evidence-based information and guidance about the impacts of food and nutrition on the health and wellbeing at an individual or population level.

Nutritionists are individuals with a minimum of honours-degree level knowledge and competence in nutrition science. They use this expertise to promote and protect the wellbeing of the public and manage health systems. The scope of the practice of nutrition has a wide and varied remit. Nutritionists are found in academia, healthcare, industry, sports & exercise, government etc.

Registered Nutritionists (RNutrs) additionally have a number of years of professional practice experience and have demonstrated they are both qualified and competent in the application of nutrition science within their specialist area.

Registered Nutritionists provide evidence-based nutrition information and guidance to people at an individual, group or population level. They work within sectors including non-governmental/not-for-profit organizations, academia, industry, policy and healthcare or in a freelance capacity.

Registered Nutritionists can work with individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions, provided that are not in respect to the nutritional management or treatment of their medical condition (unless in collaboration with the healthcare professional who is managing the individual’s condition such as a medical doctor or dietitian), and if the support/advice provided is not in contraindication with any dietary management of their medical condition.

Registered Nutritionists can also work with acutely-ill patients in the support of their nutritional management or treatment if they are practicing within a multi-disciplinary team and the management/treatment is under the close supervision of a regulated health professional such as a medical doctor or dietitian.

Sports and Exercise Nutritionists develop, implement and evaluate nutritional strategies to optimise performance in sport and exercise. They determine the energy, fluid and nutrient demands of sport and exercise and provide tailored dietary advice to individuals and groups, ranging from recreational athletes, enthusiastic amateurs to elite professional athletes. They may also work for and in the sports nutrition industry eg producing products for athletes of all ability levels, or may work in education, be academics or researchers.
Nutritionists are nutrition professionals regulated by law and have an ethical code of conduct.

If you are interested in food, people, health and nutrition, then you are welcome to the most impacting health professional. Working as a dietitian is fulfilling, multi-skilled, and secure.
To qualify as a dietitian and be eligible to join GAND you are required to complete a university-level dietetics program accredited by the Allied Health Professions Council (AHPC) and meets the standards of the professional body – GAND.

The AHPC is responsible for the accreditation of undergraduate bachelor and post-graduate dietetic programs in Ghana. The accreditation process is robust and provides assurance to the public, students, and the professional of the high s tandard of the profession. Successful completion of the accredited dietetic program provides eligibility to apply for registration with the AHPC.

Visit AHCP website : Allied Health Professions Council

There are two types of program routes to qualify as a dietitian:
1. Full-time four year undergraduate BSc (Hons) programme.
2. Full-time two years postgraduate program leading to Masters (MSc or MPhil) qualification in dietetics.

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