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Announcing GAND’s Election Committee, 2024

The 2023 Annual General Meeting appoints 3 persons to manage the electioneering proves of the 2024 election year of the Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (GAND).
The 2024 elections committee is chaired by Dr Michael Wiafe. Other members of the committee include Ms Joana Yinpaab Duubon and Ms Manyaya Suleman.

The mandate of the Election Committee, 2024, as stipulated by the GAND constitution (Article 9) include: 9.1 Election of officers

  • i. The election of officers shall take place at a congress of the Academy and shall be by secret ballot.
  • ii. The election of officers shall be determined by simple majority count of the total vote cast.
  • iii. The tenure of the Governing Board shall be three years.
  • iv. The inaugural meeting of a newly elected officers of the Governing Board shall be held not later than 6 weeks after the congress at which it was elected.
  • v. The position of the president and vice of the Governing Board will alternate between dietetic professionals and nutrition professionals after either exhausts a full tenure permitted under this constitution. In the event of a nutritionist occupying the presidency, the vice shall be a dietitian and vice versa.
  • vi. The Electoral Commissioner is appointed by the out-going governing body for a tenure of office.

For more information, read Article 9 of the constitution.
As a background, GAND operates a 3-year tenure for its Governing Board membership. Since the inception of GAND in 2019, year 2024 election year will be the second electioneering year after the current Governing Board was unanimously affirmed in 2021 following a successful inauguration in 2019.

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