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Any individual who is a candidate for a graduate or medical degree at accredited institutions. (MSc/ MPhil/ PhD/ …)

GANDA Events

The Ghana Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Students Associations (GANDSA) is found in the various institutions of Ghana. GANDSA organises programmes to engage with their members to take advantage of opportunities and benefits available to them in their professions as students. GANDSA is provided support and guidance for all events from GAND.

Campus Visits

Each year the GAND Team visits students in their institutions to introduce themselves and to engage the student body.

The Student Representative on the GAND Governing Board for the 2021- 2024, Mrs Portia Nkumsah-Riverson, a PhD Candidate at the University of Ghana. Portia was elected in July 2021 and attends Board meeting to be the voice of all student members

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